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Clean and Green Technology - Sustainability and Environment

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Clean Tech and Green Tech

• When we research in Timor, Malaysia or Australia we have our standards that we adhere to in Sustainability and Environment.
• Our research often looks at ways to create sustainability of existing eco-systems or to harness the environment in a friendly manner with new innovative approaches using time old methods of the land and bush.

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Goholi: Access to new Sustainability and Environment

• Whether it's a system for the removal of heavy metals from soil is effective and cost effective.
• Continuous feed gasifier design. A new design has been developed to do away with the conventional design with a continuous feed system, doing away the cumbersome and hazardous feed loading.
• Carboncor - Road resurfacing for Australia - pioneering technology is highly environment friendly, crucially important in today’s list of global priorities. Our unique environmentally conscious asphalt contains no harmful substances or emissions. Being a cold application and the lack thereof of harmful emissions lends its self to user friendly attributes and increased labour productivity without health issues. We hope to build a greener future for our families and our society at large adding to a global call to successfully transform the world into a better and a greener place.
• Email us for more info on businesses opportunities for Australia.


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What makes us different:

• Goholi with it's offices in Australia and Asia has access to new innovative research material and businesses in Clean Tech and Green Tech
• These businesses have extensive experience and associations enables it to offer the client cost effective solutions through innovation and technology.
• Goholi with it's offices in Australia and Asia has the capabilities, co-facilities in Malaysia to bring to Australia enviromentaly friendly technology.
• Interested? Contact us now to find out more on the possibilities of us working for you or working together.
• We have a network of facilities from clean tech to green tech across Malaysia and China that can assist with a partial or full restructure of your business.
• Ring us and have a chat lets see what we can suggest.

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• We have a number of independent expert consultants based in Australia, USA and Asia.
• Joint Venture Project Management Partnerships and Investment Opportunities are available with us on select projects.


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CEO - Executive Consultant - Australian and South East Asia