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Information Technology

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Information Technology - IT solutions developer?

Web Development teams with experience programmers in Asia, Australia, and USA.
We have ourselves launched a social network.
Server & domain management and setup
Mobile-friendly solutions
3rd-party system integration
Custom solutions design
Consultation and project management


Information Technology - Start-Ups and Social Network Platforms?

We have extensive networks and experience in information technology and social network startups in Australia, Asia and USA
We have ourselves launched a social network.
We have been to the USA and launched at Tech Crunch.
We have accurate and detail research of the process of a start-up especially in social networks.
Our director is in joint venture with 5 new start-ups under research or development now in travel, employment, contact organizer, health/wellness/beauty, digital currency.



Information Technology - Lets All Think:

Let's All Think is a web and mobile platform designed to collect public opinion of the global community on a variety of issues based on the public agenda (current affairs) and personal interests both regional and global.
It is a credible public information service and social networking platform that allows users to present their opinions as votes and participate in structured, intelligent conversations.
Our platform will set new standards in the industry especially in the relevance and usefulness of social networking to businesses and organizations. Let's All Think will redefine the importance of personal profiles as a realistic and relevant representation of a user's true real-world persona.




Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence:

We have researched and developed: Influence Modelling and Ranking 3. The Behavioural Modelling Taskforce (3 members) has the responsibility of developing the complex data models and algorithms behind our influence rating systems.
We have worked with 1. Ruby on Rails 2. Dot net 4.5
Ruby on Rails and MongoDB is being used in many of our projects as the framework combination of choice for the bulk of Beta development.
Most social influence models today attempt to measure 'social interaction' based on user activity on social networks and the implied effect it may have on online social influence. Our influence modelling engine is modelled on the psychological behaviour of real people and how they respond and react to real-life events that impact lives on a daily basis.





Information Technology

We have ourselves launched over 210 web sites and have sites running in HMTL, Rails, 4.5 among some of the languges and frameworks we have research and invested in.
We have 18 years on SEO Search Engine Optimization. Main sectors of the market don't rely on socuial media formats and thats where our more earlier theories on SEO become necassary to create long and sustainable rankings.
Website presence is one thing but after 18 years on online trade in travel and tourism we know that a site must be a lot more.
Every business has many needs for a website. Some clients just want one for the sake of having one. that's where we come in and determine the need and direction of a site before we scope the requirements of a new site.




We have a number of independent expert consultants based in Australia, USA and Asia.
Joint Venture Project Management Partnerships and Investment Opportunities are available with us on select projects.


photos.com-Letsallthink.com project

CEO - Executive Consultant - Australian and South East Asia