Goholi Pty Ltd is an Australian based boutique consultancy firm



    Goholi Australia: An Australian based boutique consultancy firm for over 20 years

    Goholi Pty Ltd TM is an Australia-based boutique consultancy firm has had over 80 discussions on new energy project proposals since 2016.

    All these were 'Greenfield' proposals (new) and due to cutting edge technology, the projects existing investors, government guidelines, grants, too many partners, inadequate information on the proposals, or simply major errors or concerns we pointed out.

    Even in the first meet and greet the majority of these never went to fruition.

    Every now and then we have a few projects that have gone on to become sound and successful projects such as road installation technology we introduced into Australia from South Africa to the right people for the project.

    There are numerous other projects we are proud to see we helped along the right path to success over the years as consultant and mentor.