Goholi Pty Ltd is an Australian based boutique consultancy firm



    Goholi Australia: An Australian based boutique consultancy firm for over 20 years

    Goholi Pty Ltd TM is an Australia-based boutique consultancy firm which will be the Australian company and partner for the highest end of Luxury Travel platform in China for domestic and inbound and outbound international markets.

    In the planning for the last 3 and a half years and put on hold because of Covid we anticipate we will launch in 2023/2024 with our renowned Chinese investors/partners already established in luxury Travel and Tourism in China.

    The aim is to introduce high end travellers to experiences not imagined currently. This concept took over two years to create by the Goholi team including our corporate advisor of many years now Mr. Alex Chua for arranging our merger.

    Private jets and super yacht charters will always be essential though there is a whole new area of luxury experiences and travel waiting to be developed we found.

    Goholi Pty Ltd TM has also been advising Australia 4 Wheel Drive Rentals a industry renowned authority on remote outback Australian travel since 2004.